Our Mission

We want you to be a care-free investor with stable and attractive return offered by our unique proprietary trading strategy and system!!


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QAATRADE (Quantum Automated Analysis) Corporation, registered in California, is a private firm. 

The research office was grand opening in Emerson, New Jersey in May 2021 

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Kevin John Wang, the founder of the QAATRADE Corp and the inventor, has focused on using modern quantum physics technology to find and test the changing laws of the securities market, and applies its research results to the U.S. stock market for stable and high yield return rate

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QAATRADE believes that a relatively stable, continuous growth and gradually improving market provides a good opportunity to capture the excess returns of securities investments through systematic scientific methods

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QAATRADE has been committed to researching, testing and improving our rigorous and scientific investment strategy, and strives to create an investment environment with controllable risks and stable returns for investors.

Board of Directors


Kevin John Wang

Kevin John Wang is the founder of QAATrade, and he holds a BS in Physics, MS in Optical Information Processing, and further studies in Biophysics and Financial Physics



Tony Yang

Tony Yang holds a BS in mathematics and Ph.D. in Statistics, with 30 years experience in big data development and analyses



Steven Qin

Steven Qin holds a BS in Computer Science, with more than 20 years of enterprise operation process and management experience